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Long before the JOB's Act (the law that made crowdfundng possible), the founding members of the MultiVestment team were syndicating multifamily properties of all shapes and sizes.  Our 40+ years of experience and expertise in property acquisition, asset management, real estate law, and property management provides you with a significant advantage when deciding where to place your investment dollars.  Our core mission is a simple one: protect our investors by simplifying multifamily real estate investing by providing an easy-to-use and highly functional platform that will connect you directly with pre-screened, high-yield multifamily investment opportunities.  Combine this strategy with competent and experienced oversight and you have the formula for generating high returns on your hard-earned investment.


Our members have the ability to invest preferred amounts across a range of opportunities to create an online property portfolio.  We provide our investors with listing, investor qualification, offer and acceptance documentation and a personalized investment dashboard.  With the simple click of a button, there's now the opportunity to browse and select property investments for any preferred investment budget from around the country.  All combined, MultiVestment allows you to enjoy a truly turnkey, passive and highly effective real estate investment experience.



Christopher is a natural born entrepreneur. While still in college, he started his own business.  His concept was to recruit fellow college students as part-time movers and created a company called College Student Movers.  He was later able to sell the company at an attractive profit.


After graduation, Christopher served as the Marketing Director at a large multifamily construction company in Fayetteville, AR.  Christopher next moved to San Diego to join his Mom and Dad  in growing the family business, MultiVestment.


Christopher holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Arkansas and is currently on course to earn his MBA.  He loves to spend his free time with his family, or golfing/surfing.  He enjoys learning more about business management and finance and is a voracious learner of new business innovations in Fin Tech.  He also enjoys studying successful business icons such as Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk, along with their respective companies.


Chris ("CT") Stewart is a seasoned entrepreneur and business manager. In 1982 he founded and operated The Attorney's Network, the nation's largest television ad agency for lawyers.  His company was twice nominated as one of INC. Magazine's 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America.  After selling The Attorney's Network in 1992 he became a partner in HNFA Investment Real Estate and mentored under Harold Fishler, a veteran real estate broker and one of the early pioneers of multifamily real estate syndication.


Mr. Stewart attended the California State University in Sacramento, CA and later attended Law School at UNC.  He is a California licensed real estate professional and currently splits his time between his home in the Northern California Sierra Foothills and La Jolla, CA (MultiVestment HQ offices).  Mr. Stewart has been married to his lovely wife, Nancy, for nearly 30 years and they have three grown children.

Founder/Sr. Managing Partner


Director of Marketing


CFO/Managing Partner

Nancy is an experienced and seasoned entrepreneur.  After successfully owning and operating a Subway Sandwich franchise in Pleasanton, CA. Nancy went on to start and operate several successful retail stores, including Kid's Closet, a well-known and very successful children's clothing store.


Nancy is also a veteran of business finance having worked for several years at Drexel, Burnham, Lambert in Beverly Hills, CA. Nancy holds a degree from California State University, Northridge, is currently enrolled in law school, and is a California licensed real estate professional.


She currently splits her time between her home in the Northern California Sierra Foothills and La Jolla, CA (MultiVestment HQ offices).  Ms. Stewart has been married to company Founder, Christopher Stewart, for nearly 30 years and together they have raised three grown children.








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