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Invest directly in pre-screened, high-yield income properties.  No blind-pools.  There is complete transparency to the investment, the exit strategy, and the anticipated return on your investment.

Invest with confidence in properties that have been subjected to a rigorous screening process.  All financial metrics are diligently verified and all properties must meet minimum standards for return on investment.

Access to institutional-quality real estate investments with a minimum investment of only $5,000. Invest preferred amounts across a range of multifamily income properties.

Monitor and track your investments on the MultiVestment platform 24/7 from any location where you have access to the Internet.






At MultiVestment we take your privacy very seriously.  Please know that we would never trade or sell your information to any third party.  We also use advanced firewalls and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to keep your personal information secure.

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